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Saturday, April 30, 2011

83 days out

Heading to Gold's in Concord Ma today to train legs, my favorite day. The whole crew will be there, Alex, John and Bob, 4 works out so nice on legs day, just as you catch your breath it's your turn.

I'm feeling like pressing my ass off today and some walking lunges, but I've never been to this gym, so I have to wait and see what they have. I kind of like not knowing my workouts ahead of time, I usually envision my whole workout before I even do it, including weight amounts, but not knowing what this gym has, I can only create a rough idea

Sour Diesel, don't get used to the shorts, it's the weekend and I'm off to the gym now

Wake up weight 224.6

I can tell that I'm just eating enough calories to slowly lose weight (fat), I didn't train yesterday and still lost .08 pounds, I'm starting to level off after 5 days.


Friday, April 29, 2011

84 days out

Again last night while training Shoulders and Biceps, I poured out sweat like crazy, this will slow down once I balance out more. I didn't lose much more weight like I did after Monday's sweat job, only .6 of a pound

Wake up weight 225.4

Alex and I started with Calves as usual and we did dumbbell shoulder presses into rear lateral lying on an incline bench, then seated side laterals. For Biceps we used a crooked bar for both standing and preacher curls, we haven't used a crooked bar in a while, we use mostly a straight bar.


Still have not started to tan yet, trying to find the best deal... you know, the free ones :)

No gym tonight, going to the circus in Boston, it's an annual event for us

Food will be the same as yesterday, with potatoes for my first two meals and my last.

50/50 - 50 grams of protein and 50 grams of carbs every 2.5 hours x 6


Thursday, April 28, 2011

85 days out

Last night the 3 of us hit Back and Traps and boy I poured out sweat like crazy, mainly due to the humidty being high, but also I lowered my sodium intake to under 300mg a day and I have nothing to hold the water in me.

I was thinking what a perfect night for my competition friends doing the Jay Cutler Classic next Sunday the 8th. Who needs a sauna when you have weather like this, it's perfect for pre-contest, I hope it holds right up to the show for them.

Last nights damage
5 sets/Calves
5 sets/Traps
16 sets/Back
4 sets/Abs

No tanning yet...

Today I'm going to switch out a few of the Matzoh's with potatoes. I will still take in 50 grams of carbs each time. 148 gram weight of a non cooked spud is 25 grams of carbs, so I will eat 300 grams (round it off) each time

2 cups of coffee
Meal 1/ whey and spuds
Meal 2/ chicken and spuds
Meal 3/ whey and matzoh
Meal 4/ chicken and matzoh
Meal 5/ whey/carbo force (pre-wo) 75grams carbs/50 grams protein
Meal 6/ whey/carbo force (post wo) 25 grams carbs/25 grams protein
Meal 7/ chicken and spuds
Vitamins and Minerals with each meal

Training Shoulders and Biceps tonight

Wake up weight 226 (lost a lot of water last night)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

86 days out

Keeping everything the same today, except for my pre-workout and post workout drink. I use a Carbo Force which has 400 calories 100 carbs. I will use 3/4 of the drink with 2 scoops of whey right before I train and the remaining with 1 scoop of whey right after I train. 

Tonight's damage will be Back and Traps with my buddies at Gold's in Arlington

7:30 whey/matzoh
10am chicken/matzoh
12:30 whey/matzoh
3pm chicken/matzoh
5:30 whey/Carbo Force (pre-workout)

7:30 whey/Carbo Force (post workout)
8:30 chicken/matzoh

Wake up weight 228

I have to start thinking about tanning. I need to figure out the best way to go about it...I'm thinking about carrying shorts with me for a 20 minute lunch tan, the weather is starting to change... I might just start hitting the tanning booth at the gym too, on days I train, you can never be dark enough


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

87 days out

Day one of dieting has come and gone. I kind of enjoy dieting, not much variety, but it's easy and it's a no brainier, you never have to think about what to eat, you just make your food and eat it. Food now becomes a tool to get yourself where you need to be, it's just fuel to build muscle and strip fat away.

Weight in 229.2

Last night I hit Natick Golds and did some Chest and Triceps. I started with Donkey calves even though I was suppose to do seated, I decided to do both, I love that Donkey machine. Then onto dumbbell bench, machine inclines, dumbbell pullovers, dumbbell flies and cable crossover. Triceps started with a Hoist Machine seated push downs, then single rope behind the head extensions, then push downs. some forearm work and abs finished it off

Today's food looks like this

7:30 whey/matzoh
10am chicken/matzoh
12:30 whey/matzoh
3pm chicken/matzoh
5:30 whey/matzoh
8:00 chicken/matzoh

no gym tonight...


Monday, April 25, 2011

88 days out

I took today off from work and was able to sleep a little later, pushing all the meals forward an hour and a half. I needed it after eating and drinking all day yesterday, pretty much from 12:30 on...I started with a bottle of white wine and ended with a shot of tequila and I eat everything in site, I was out by 9

Wake up weight is 230.4

Today eating started at 9 and I’ll eat every 2.5 hours. I started with a protein drink and 2 Matzoh, then it will be, boiled chicken and 2 Matzoh, then back to a protein drink, so on and so forth, six times. And let's not forget about the chewable vitamins and minerals with each meal. Eating with not much variety, you need to make sure you take your vitamins and minerals.

Training tonight solo, Chest and Triceps at the Natick Golds, I'll probably do a lot of dumbbells tonight, feeling like dumbbells and cable crossovers, I haven't' done crossovers in a while


Sunday, April 24, 2011

89 days out

So here we go, starting tomorrow I will begin dieting for the NPC Teen Collegiate Master Nationals on July 22-23rd held in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. This is a national show, so it's a two day event. In this competition, in the over 40 class, if you place 1st or 2nd in your weight division, you will be awarded a professional card, which will enable you to compete in IFBB competitions, where placing wins cash

I thought I would document my days to competition, like I did when I first competed in '09 for the Jay Cutler Classic. This time, I am going to add a daily Ab shot and be as real as possible, so you can see how I change and what I do everyday to make that change..this should be pretty cool!

I'm going to start my diet with 50 grams of protein and 50 grams of carbohydrates and 0 grams of fat every two and a half hours, that will give me 6 meals, 2400 calories, for the day. I don't plan on doing cardio, so I need to start out low on the calories to force my body to burn fat. I'll do this for 2 weeks and then see where I'm at. There will come a point where I will go to 75 or 100 grams a sitting, bringing the calories up to 3000 or 3600 for the day. This will help me be as big as I should be come contest time, I need to find my "splash over point". How much food can I eat to be as big as I can, while being as tight as possible and still burning fat?

There will be no sugar, as I want the body to only run off complex carbs (stored carbs), this will help me control my carbs/water balance better, helping me know where I'm at, not to mention burning fat more efficiently. Also, I will lower my sodium to under 500mg a day. This will help me see what's what in terms of sodium water or carb water, it's all about controlling your water and shredding your fat

The first few weeks, 3 of the 6 protein sittings will be 2 scoops of whey protein (50 grams) instead of boiled chicken. Come close to the show, it will be all chicken and this will lower the sodium to under 100. For me. I find at contest, it's best to go real real low, but never NO sodium. In fact, no sodium will only cause you to hold water, believe it or not.

Eating times.
7:30am - 50/50
10:00am -50/50
12:30am - 50/50
3:00pm - 50/50
5:30pm -75/50 (pre-workout day)
7:30pm - 25/25 (post workout day)
8:00pm -50/50

On workout days my calories are slightly higher by 300 totaling 2700 for that day and that 8 o'clock meal turns into a 8:30pm meal

The Food.
Boiled Chicken seasoned with Mrs. Dash
Optimum Nutrition Whey protein
Carbo Force with Whey (Pre and Post workout drink up until 4 weeks out)
Pioneer Chewable Vitamins and Minerals (eat one with every meal)
Frozen gallon of fruit punch Crystal Light... the life saver, trust me!

Training will be the same,
Saturday- Legs - we started gym hopping for this day, we plan on hitting a different gym every week, all with in a 45 minute travel. Yesterday we hit Tewsbury Golds and went like this...

Standing Calves
Lying down leg curls
Leg extensions
Stiff Legs

Also during this time I will be working on a tan, tanning outside as much as possible, natural sun works the best.

Here is the first of many ab shots... 89 days out at 230 hoping to complete at 213

I hope you enjoy these next 88 days as much as I will!