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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baptiste Yoga (hot room) To sweat or not to sweat...

Before Yoga weight was 207.4, after already consuming 800 calories (100 grams of protein and 400 calories in carbohydrates) and I want to add that “shit happens” twice this morning.

After Yoga weight was 204.6, that’s a 2.8 pound water loss. I did consume during class 32oz of water, which is 2 pounds.

So taking that into consideration, if I didn’t drink that 16oz of water, I would have lost a total of 4.8 pounds. I find this pretty amazing.

What I noticed when I’ve done Yoga in the past (4 other times) the first 20 minutes your sweat is salty. Well since dieting and controlling my sodium intake (keeping around 750mg a day) my sweat today had no salt at all, none.

After yoga I wasn’t any tighter, but I was dryer. Meaning my skin was kind of dehydrated, for a dry look to it (which is a good thing for competition). But I was also flat, the 2.8/4.8 pounds of water I lost was mainly from with-in my muscle bellies. I lost my hardness and flattened out.

I need to see what happens now in the days to follow. I’m going try lowering my sodium even more to 500mg a day and see if I can not keep my skin dry longer while I carb up.

You don’t want to go too low with your sodium, for one, it gives you strength, helps cushion your joints, aids in muscle contraction and works with your potassium for water balance for your muscles, (out of balance will cause muscle cramps) to name a few.

Would I do hot room yoga the day before a competition… absolutely not. Would I do it a week out… sure, I may be able to use hot room yoga even 3 days out.

I have to see how long my skin stays dry and is it the little bit of sodium held water removed, causing the dry skin or is it the splash over from carbs, having still too many carbs and now that I’m flat, I’m drier, we shall see… I'm think it maybe a little of both...

In any event, it was a great hour an a half class… Namaste!

Time for a protein drink