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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 days out from competition - 0 carb day #2

6:30am weigh-in 202.6

It didn’t take but a day of zero carbs to drop my weight back down.

My best friend (the mirror) looks better at 202.06 this morning than it did the other day. My legs are tighter, harder, more separated. I gauge everything on how my legs look. My best friend never lies

After tonight’s leg workout, it wouldn’t surprise me if I dropped below 202, which was Friday’s weight after depleting for 3 days, that’s how much tighter I am at this 202.6 weight now

Yesterday was probably the hardest day eating no carbs so far.

After eating 3500 calories on both Saturday and Sunday and Monday having another full day of carbs too, then to go to zero carbs again, my stomach growled with hunger pains the whole day, I was so hungry!

I’m a firm believer that the more you eat the faster your metabolism is

People often say when you get older your metabolism slows, I say when you get older, you stop eating as often (some people only once a day) and that is what slows down your metabolism.

Eat often and give yourself energy and your body a reason to burn calories, burning calories burns fat!

Legs today gone tomorrow… Zero carb day #2

I have to say today is my favorite day, I love filling up my legs with blood, it’s the best feeling in the world, having your quads, hams, ass and calves, so engorged with blood you can’t even walk normal, it’s such an accomplishment, it make the rest of the week seem so easy

One of best thing about squats is they work your whole body

Time for a protein drink