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Sunday, March 4, 2012

You just never know

I did a Google image search on my name Rob Costarelli,  just to see what pictures where out there of me, you just never know. There were ones that said "you" at the bottom of the picture and it wasn't me, but that is just technology in the making. The more we tell it to remember, the more it will try and do for us, even if we don't want it to. The more we tell it our lives, the more it will try to decide for us, but that's another topic, one that I care not to talk about. This is about finding cool pictures of yourself, that you didn't know about!

I found pictures from the 2011 Masters National, which I think are the best ones yet from that competition. I'm real happy to get my hands on these. My Facebook friends and fans can contest to that, with all my recent photo adds, I've been posting all over the place. Speaking of my AlwaysABodybuilder fan page, I happy to say I just broke over 500 Friday and it's 505 today.

Here are some cool ones from USAMuscle... The three with the black back drop where taken Friday night during weigh in and the one pumping up, was just before I went out on stage to compete in pre-judging Saturday


Training is going real well, my shoulder feels a lot better and I'm able to flat bench again. Alex it starting to look freaky again, being 9 weeks out from the Jay Cutler, he's right where he needs to be, he will kick some ass!  I have until April 15th before I start kicking it in gear. Right now I'm waking up at 226-228 and feeling pretty lean, which is how I like to run