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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Bent-Over Roll

My training partner and I are going to show you the differences of good form vs. bad form…
In this first video you see Rodney: as he starts to stand up more, he pulls the bar up, this is bad form
What you want do is try to stay as flat a possible with your lower back, almost as if your back was parallel with the floor, when you are pulling up

In this second video you notice how Rodney’s back is more parallel with the floor and he is not standing up as he pulls the bar to his stomach, this is good form, the only thing that's not correct is his feet are not parallel, which can make it difficult to maintain flat back

Grab the bar off the rack at bench press width, step back bringing your feet close together, just slightly less than shoulder width. With you feet pointing straight as if you were skiing downhill, sit back into your hamstrings, stick your ass out, flatten your lower back, keep your chest up, lower the bar to just above the floor, maintain a flat back.
Feel all the pressure in your legs, you then drop down a little more snapping the bar to your lower stomach (catching the bar below your bellybutton) with your shoulders low, squeeze everything, then lower the bar back down and repeat

Again start the rep at the bottom, in the flat back position. When you start the rep, drop down a little, slightly rounding your lower back, then snap the bar up and quickly flatting your lower back and catch the weight off your lower stomach Don’t be afraid to use you whole body in this movement

This is a compound mass building movement and should be a staple in your training regime

Time for a protein drink