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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back to the drawing board

6:30am weigh-in 212.4

Dead-lifts are a basic compound movement that is a must if you want to build a thick body from your legs to your neck. Dead lifts work your whole body.

Dead-lifts will build thick legs, they work your hamstrings and ass muscles like no other (next to squats) and wouldn’t you know it, this is exactly what I need to improve on. (Hams and Ass) So I’ve added Dead-lifts to my Back workout on Monday nights.

Monday night while doing the Dead-lifts, my partner (who happens to be an ex-power lifter and dead lifts being his best movement) noticed I wasn’t doing them completely correctly. What I was doing wrong was, at the top of the movement, when I’m bringing my hips forward, I tend to shift all the weight onto my lower back at the end and relax my ass muscles, only to tighten the back up again as I’m lowering the bar back down and he’s right.

Instead I should be keeping the tension on my ass and hams as I reach the top while bring my hips forward with a slight lean back, never relaxing during the movement (now I know why my lower back get such a pump)

So I worked my way up to 315, and then did 3 sets of 10. Which is kind of high on the reps for dead lifts. For one thing, I didn’t want to go to heavy seeing that I just competed this past Saturday and I am not completely rejuvenated and I wanted to work on the form.

From there it was onto wide grip pull downs, machine bent over rows, t-bar rows, reverse grip pull down, then onto hams and ass working between the ass machine (kick backs) and the legs curl machine, back and forth for 4 sets to end it with standing one legged curls and finishing the workout by filling the calves up with blood.

Today I’m really feeling my hamstrings and ass and I can tell this is exactly with the doctor ordered, this will give me exactly what it need to bring my legs to the next level…

It’s all about the legs

Time for a protein drink