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Sunday, October 23, 2011

One down, one to go

Yesterday Alex and I completed in the 2011 NPC New Hampshire bodybuilding competition. Alex weighed in at the top of his light heavy weight class at 198 and he looked awesome, big, dry and hard, you couldn't ask for more.

I weighted in at 222, which is the heaviest I ever stepped on stage. I was big and hard and I was again in the best shape of my life

Just as I predicted Alex and I would be posing down for the overall winner and we did... Alex won his class and so did I... I also won the overall master class and for the first time in my life, I won the whole show in a body building competition, winning not only the masters overall , but the open class overall too!

I'm so proud of Alex and what he has accomplished and he has so much more potential, he has just begun to win competitions, stay tuned for more of Alex Stylin' Stylien

Now we set our site for this coming Saturday where we are competing in the NPC New England's held and the little John Hancock in Boston. This show will be a little bigger, having my contesents and Alex and I will be the ones to beat, I'm sure the word is already out, to look out for the new guy Alex Stylien and his "Sensei" Rob Costarelli (what Alex kept calling me all day yesterday)

We are going to run this week as we did last week, training wise...Mon, Tues and Wed. having Thur and Fri to grow, to compete Saturday

Alex just needs to maintain his condition as he was spot on, he will only get better come next Saturday. For me I would like to step on stage around 215 and be a little more dryer for this show, so my focus this week is to dry myself out more

Stay tuned...


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Warm up show

Alex and I decided to jump into the NPC New Hamsphire next Saturday Oct 22, held at the Pinkerton Academy in Derry NH.

This week we trained, Mon Tue Wed and Friday and yesterday we posed for two hours, which is another kind of workout, one that shapes and conditions

These next two weeks, we are going to train Mon Tues Wed taking off Thursday and Friday to fill out and grow to compete on Saturday.

Alex is in the best shape of his life so far, waking up at 194.4 today. He's looking hard and grainy, his legs are nice and separated. We will start to carb him back up again, adding 5 pounds of muscle weight which will bring him back up to 200, then minus 2-3 pounds of subcutaneous water and we will have a big full ripped Alex at 198, the top of the Light Heavy's.(cut off is 198 1/4), that's our plan!

For me, I've been waking up anywhere from 218 to 220 these past few weeks and this morning 219.4. I'm pretty much as ripped as I was at the Nationals I did in July. I stayed eating clean,(no fats) and just upped my carbs and added sugars back in after that show, so I've been growing every since and just two weeks ago, I cut my sugars out again and lowered my carbs to 50 grams a sitting as oppossed to 100.  Im figuring around 215 to 217 I'll step on stage this time around, up 5 to 7 pounds from last contest conditioning.

Just like when I was younger, I grow with every show. It's nice to know 20 years later, when you do everything right, as you have done before, you can get the same result and that is, to grow and get better with every show.