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Sunday, November 6, 2011

12 week transformation

When I was preparing to compete this year at the Master Nationals, I took daily ab shots every morning. Here are the weekly ab shots starting at 12 weeks out, up to the show

12 weeks out from the 2011 Masters National, first day of dieting weighing 230
11 weeks out
10 weeks out
9 weeks out
8 weeks out
7 weeks out
6 weeks out
5 weeks out
4 weeks out
3 weeks out
2 weeks out
2 days out weighing 210


  1. The toilet seat is always up! Does the wife get angry? Quite a transformation. Is it true that you are at your weakest on competition day? How hard is it to flex your muscles and not drink water?

  2. Hi Nick, actually I always pick up the seat and put back down when I'm done, I'd hate to have her fall in :)... I'm pretty refreshed come competition day having not trained for a couple of days, so my muscles are healed fully. I also practice posing a few weeks out, which helps make it easier come comp day. I really never cut my water out either.

    Thanks for complements!


  3. You have an awesome physique, Rob! I admire your dedication and hard work in the gym - phew!
    Thanks for following my Eagan Daily Photo blog!
    Great to do a Model Mayhem photo shoot with you in Boston - rock on!

    1. Thanks Leif, you are a good guy! It was nice meeting you and doing some work. I like your blog and how we get the "picture of the day" Keep up the great work!

      rock on!