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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Moving Blog

Hi guys, for those of you that subscribe to my blogger account, I want to let you know, I pretty much decided this weekend to start using Word Press, instead of Blogger.

It's still Always A Bodybuilder, but now it's Always A Bodybuilder at Word Press

Here is the first post; Ten weeks out!

Thank you all for following my blog, see you on the other side!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Eleven weeks out

It feels good training with higher carbs this week. I started eating more carbs on Saturday to be ready for Mondays workout. Tons of energy this whole week. Body weight is pretty much staying the same, but my composition has change quite a lot, much leaner and harder looking. I can't wait to see where this takes me, I might have to eat more

Chest and Triceps is what I caught on the GoPro this week. It was a pretty straight forward workout.

Flat bench
Incline Smith
Flat flies
Incline flies
Over head extensions
Push downs
Calves and Abs


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Twelve weeks out

March 1: I weigh 216.4.

Since the middle of January I've kept my carbs real low and have eaten more fats to maintain calories. I wanted to see if I would burn fat while eating higher then normal fat (for me), I have to add "for me", because it's so relative. 100 grams of fat a day might be a lot for me, but may not be a lot for someone else. 

Well it turns out it's not a lot for me. When I started at 234, I was around 10% body fat; now I'm closer to 6%. So you can burn fat this way too! Normally I would have my fats at 15-20 grams for the day, so I’m pretty intrigued with this new information

This month I'm going to increase my carbs and lower my fats to maintain the same calorie intake. What should happen is that my body with fill out to about 228-230 maybe even 234 again, and I'll be even leaner than I am now (because it's a month later and because I am leaner period) but I'll also be bigger and much fuller throughout the month.

Not sure about April, should I do another higher fat and lower carbs month? (I have 3 weeks in May to fill out again), should I eat more calories by adding fats too or should I just stay where I'm at?

It all depends on the rate of my return, (return being fat burning) Remember more carbs, bigger workouts, bigger pumps, more energy for intensity, all increases fat burning. So I just don't know, but I will find out...

Friday night it was Alex, Jon and I; Donnie was late so he trained solo

Check out the Video

GoProOrGoHome - Road to the 2014 Master Nationals - Chest Mount - Series #2 Shoulders