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Saturday, September 15, 2012

THis is HOw we Do IT!

As the song goes...

We never have the opportunity to have someone video our workouts, never mind try doing it ourselves with out losing your focus and pump, except for today. I pulled my right quad pretty bad last Saturday and I was hoping to be ready today, but that is not the case. So I decide to seize the opportunity and video our workout

Started with Squats (my demise last week) 1 plate, 2 plate, 3 plate for two sets, back down to 2 plates for one more

Leg Press, 5 plates and then just keep adding 2 plates at a time until you cant fit anymore

Stiffs, 1 plate, 2 plate, 3 plate, 3 plate!



Cows, as I like to call them



And that is the way we do it (today), or should I say, the way Alex did it!

Although there was a lot of muscle damage in the making of this video, no animals other then the one you see in the video, were harmed!