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Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'm out!

This is my last week of training, come Sunday, we are off to Italy and Spain and I can’t wait!

Monday it was Alex and I banging out chest and biceps. I really wanted to do the Smith machine again and Alex didn't mind one bit. Alex hasn't used the Smith for awhile, so it worked out nicely. We started with inclines, then flats. My wrist is almost 100% better, so after the Smith we went to dumbbells for flat and incline flies and then ended chest with dumbbell pullovers, which felt awesome! It has been 3 workouts not being able to do them because of my wrist. Pullovers give me such a nice upper body pump. I like them a lot and they should be a staple in your routine

The rest of the week I needed to train Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and it was Donnie and I to finish out the week.

Wednesday’s back started with shrugs, then into cable low rows, which we never do first for back. Let me tell you, if you have never tried them first, you should, the contraction you get is awesome and it really changes how the rest of the moments feel, like wide grip machine bent over rows, wide grip cable pull downs and close grip cable pull downs, every movement I could tell my lower lats were already smoked and it made that movement that much harder

Thursday's shoulders and triceps started with Smith machine front and reverse grip presses, onto seated side laterals, bent over rear laterals with head on the end of bench and that was it for shoulders. Triceps we started with cables push downs with a straight bar, then a rope and we ended with close grip benching.

Friday came early at 10:30am and Donnie and I just did a nice easy workout. Last thing I wanted to do was hurt myself days out from going on vacation where I will be walking a lot. Calves, leg extensions, leg curls, leg presses and lying down squat machine, did the trick. No GoPro today, just a nice pump!

Back in two week!


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