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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

All within one years time

This past weekend was the 2012 Jay Cutler Classic and Alex took 3rd in the light heavy weight class out of 14 competitors.

Now that's a great accomplishment being only his 3 time ever competing, all in less then one years time. I was very happy with the package Alex brought to the stage, his condition was tight, his posing improved.

This was a BIG show, the Jay draws more competitors then the New England, because it's in the beginning of the year and more people start with this show to qualify for a national show later in the year. Placing third in this type of show is huge.

I told Alex, he can't be a light heavy weight anymore, 5'10" is to tall to come down to that weight, it makes him smaller then he has to be.

This next year Alex is planning on growing into a heavyweight, which I see him doing without any problem. He knows how to do it now and its just a matter of time.

here are a couple of shots from the show....

More can be seen here ...

Just as Alex's finishes his contest dieting, I start mine the following day (Monday) I won't change too much of what I do now, I eat pretty clean year round, expect I will be more controlled with my eating and not over eat or indulging into sugary snacks.

I'm not far away from my contest weight of 213 as I'm waking up now just over 220 and I'm siting under 7% body fat and just this first week, I feel I've lost another 1% of BF

I will most likely have to increase my calories, seeing I'm 11 weeks out from the Masters Nationals, and I'm probably 5 weeks out condition wise. Which is fine, I dont' mind eating more food.. right now I'm just over 3000 a day and I'm slowing losing weight, which I need to stop. At this time I don't want to lose weight too fast seeing I'm only 8 pounds out, but I need to let this first week go by before I make any adjustments to my calories

To be honest, I could step on stage bigger then 213, I am being conservative with that number. Last year I competed at the Master Nationals 210... well really 207, but that story was already told why, so I figured 3 pounds of muscles seems about right... But, by the way I look now and that fact I have some much time in front of me.. I might find myself shredded and still have weeks to go and if that's the case, all I can do it grow from there, which could put me above 213...

In any event, its really not about the weight, its about the condition and I'll weigh whatever I'll weigh, when I'm ready!

Stay tuned!