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Sunday, April 29, 2012

T minus 7

Here it is seven days out from the 2012 Jay Cutler Classic where my boy, my training partner Mr. Alex "Styling" Stylien will be competing in his 3rd competition.

Last year Alex competed at the NPC New Hamphire where he won the light heavy weight class and a week later at the NPC New England, a national qualifying show, were he takes 3rd in light heavy weights, now that's a real nice first year!

This time around, Alex brings a different package, he's bigger harder, fuller and with the same condition he brought to the stage last year. His chest and back have both come up and his legs are thicker then ever.

Alex has been working on his compulsory and his poses are looking spot on, he looks great in everyone of them

Keep it all the same for the final week and tweak just a little, to get rid of subcutaneous water and he should be stepping on stage right at 198, dry, hard, ripped and the one to beat!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just checking in

Workouts are going real well, I really like the split we have going on right now. We just recently changed it to incorporate dead lifts back in again, to work the legs a second time for the week.

So we broke it down like this, Monday is back and triceps. I like this combination, because after training Back my arms feel warmed up from all that stretching and pulling and really helps minimize elbow pain, plus I like having blood in my bicep, when I'm training triceps.

Wednesday we dead lift and do shoulders and traps. (we train calves, forearms and abs every workout) Man, I got to tell you, after dead lifting and then training shoulder and traps, your whole body is pumped, I am really liking Wednesday's workouts. We start with regular dead lifts for 5 or 6 sets, then end with 3 sets of Sumo's and then 4 or 5 sets of legs curls and calves, before we hit shoulders and traps and forearms, the next few days I feel so thick.

Friday is chest and biceps, tried and true, it's always a nice combination and Saturdays is legs the ultimate favorite day.
Alex just past his five weeks out mark, sitting around 208. Next weekend he heads out on weeks vacation and when he returns, it will be three weeks out from the Jay Cutler and two weeks out from the NPC Vermont, which he just recently decided to jump into as a warm up to the Jay
Alex looks good, you can see the improvements from last year. Just in the way he holds his poses now, makes his physique look that much better and with the added muscle he put on from last year, he will be the one to beat
I will probably start dieting May. That will put me just around 11 weeks out. right now I am waking up around 225 and I am probably under 8% body fat. I think I'll be at my best this year around 213. Last year at the Masters nationals, I looked the best at 210, I figure 3 more pounds is about accurate to bring that same condition or better to the stage
Here are a couple recent pictures of Alex. This was taking this past Mondays after training back and tri's at the Arlington Gold's