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Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's all in the wrist

I pulled something in my wrist doing upright rows this past Friday, causing me to lose my grip strength. So I stayed away from the dumbbells for chest and use a strap for dumbbells curls, the straight bar or crooked bar hurt more. It was Donnie and I again and we started with Inclines, then flat bench, then machines, the video came out pretty cool too!

No dead lifts tonight, we started with traps, doing shrugs with the bar behind you. For back we used that t-bar type machine and did 5 sets palms facing down and 5 sets facing in and ended doing cables pulldowns in front with a straight bar and close grips palms in 

Wrist feels better, but not 100% so Alex and Donnie saved uprights to the end and I bailed out and waited for triceps, we started with behind the head seated french curls, and ending with 3 cable movements, rope, straight bar and reverse grip straight bar.

Today... LEGS... I love legs day!

Squats, old school hacks with a few twists and extensions, curls and calves

Blogger not liking uploads from YouTube day. I hope you enjoyed the videos!


Monday, May 20, 2013

Some comic relief

Monday night Alex came up with a great idea, to use pieces of paper with numbers on them counting to 4, evens one team, odds the other. Before this, we would sometimes buck up a half dozen to a dozen times before we created teams; it would become very comical.

Donnie and I this time around, we started with flat bench. He’s one strong mother, working his way up to 365. I went to 275. From there came incline dumbbells. I think he ended with 125’s. Incline dumbbell flies, machine flies (changing the grip around each set) and ending chest with dumbbell pullovers. Biceps went: crooked bar standing curls, seated preacher curls (same bar) and bent over one arms (Arnold's style). Straight bar off the end of the bench for wrist curls and reverse wrist curls ends forearms.

We ditched the little pieces of paper to pick teams and went back to bucking up. We could use a little comic relief. This time it only took two attempts and it was Donnie and I again.

Back and Traps: I'm a stronger puller than a pushers, so I was able to hold my own with the big weights Donnie throws around.

Dead lifts were on the menu this week for back and I broke my only personal record once again: 5 plates for 5 reps! This has been my goal ever since the first time I got 5 plates for 2 reps, which was about a year ago. I think dead lifting every other week made the difference and gave me the strength to reach my goal. Also the fact that I'm learning how to relax more and slow down while doing the set, instead of getting excited and trying to rush through it which seems to exhaust me more.

From there, seated dumbbell shrugs, wide grip pull downs, barbell bent over rows, close grip rows on the free weight machine and ending with close grip pull downs. Great back workout! Really got a lot of blood pumping throughout my whole back!

Shoulders: there were three of us. We used the preacher curl bench to do dumbbell shoulder presses. Then onto some uprights and machine side and rear laterals for a nice quick pump!

I wanted to give my elbow a rest and suggested sticking to cable work. We did four exercises, going back and forth between two for 4 sets. Behind the neck (french curl) with a rope and straight bar reverse grip push downs, then push downs with a rope and bent forward over the head push-outs.

Saturday 10am comes early when you just trained your ass off the night before. We all stay together on legs. We started with seated calves and then donkeys, lying down leg curls, seated leg curls, leg extensions, leg presses where we went 4/6/8/10 plates for 3 sets. We made a “bragging rights challenge” to see who could do the most reps combining all 3 sets of 10 plates. The deal was not to count, but give it all you got for all 3 sets and not to set a number in your head. We let the video tape do the counting. Alex won 76 total reps. After that my legs were pumped jack!  From there old school hacks, (had to do them again) then we ended on stiff legs


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Joby's Gorillapod

Yes, you guessed it, another mounting option for the GoPro Hero3. My training partners make fun of me and laugh because it seems like every other day I'm coming in with a different mounting setup. This ones a pretty cool little tripod that has strong flexible legs with strong magnets on the ends. It is nice for tight angles and holds the Hero3 well, using the adaptor for a tripod. It does bounce when on a machine that shakes, but it holds on tight and hasn't falling off, mounted upside or sideways. 

Monday: Chest and Biceps.It was Jon and I against Alex and Donnie. "Its not about who goes the fastest, it's not a race, said the Lobster." "You're right, but when its comes down to only one bench available when you need two, it's nice to have finished first" said the Tin-man. All in fun! Monday nights, so busy for training chest... who does chest on a Monday night?

Wednesday; Back and Traps, me and Alex, Jon and Donnie, starting with barbell shrugs, then wide grip pulldowns, reverse grip bent overs rows, (they were nice, haven't done them in a while), seated wide grip low rows and reverse grip pulldowns end the back!

Friday it was just Donnie and I for some Shoulders and Triceps:  seated barbell presses, uprights, machine side and rear laterals to finish off shoulders. Skull crushers, seated crooked bar French curls and finishing with, going back and forth between rope and straight bar pushdowns. Seated wrist curls and the gripper takes care of the forearms

Today, Sunday, was legs this week and it was just Jon and I,  Squats, barbell hacks (off the floor), Jeffersons, extensions, barbell stiff legs, lying legs curls, seated leg curls, standing calves, seated calves, done!

Of Course I have one video that doesn't want to load... Here is the link to GoPro 5-12-13 Legs Issue #10

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It doesn't end in the gym!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Endless angles

I picked up the suction cup mount for my GoPro, It mounts real tight to smooth surfaces like your car or motorcycle for some high speed fun or in this case weightlifting machinery and mirrors

Monday’s chest, dumbbells, inclines and flats, straight bar inclines, flies, incline, flats and dumbbell pullovers

Wednesdays we did dead lifts, 5 sets, up to 5 plates. Somehow I stopped the recording when I thought I was starting it. I know this, because I caught about 5 seconds of Jon dead lifting 225. Today was the first day having the suction cup and I like it! 

Friday, shoulders and triceps and the new suction cup, where angles become endless

For some reason I can not get this video to attach to the blog... here is the link to the video GoPro 5-3-13 Shoulders and Triceps

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Saturday legs. I was pressed for time, so we did a quick but effective workout. Started with seated calves, donkeys, lying down leg curls, stiff legs, extensions and ending everything on the press machine... 4 plates, 6 plates, 8 plates, 10 plates (that all she holds) for 3 sets, last set for 25 reps and Alex tops me with 31 reps... until next time!