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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Moving right along as planned

Alex is two weeks into his contest diet and is doing exactly as expected. He really responds well to food, which isn't too dissimilar to all of us, some just take longer to responded, for many reasons. We are all equal in terms (as the saying goes...) we are what we eat.

Alex woke up this morning 214.4 from 217.2 from last Saturday and 220.4 from when this all started 2 weeks ago. Starting tomorrow we are going to change up his carb intake, since we don't do any cardio, we need to further control our carbs.
Pretty much the whole dieting is all about controlling your carbs and that stands true for any diet, not just for bodybuilders and Cardio is best to be done in the off season, if going to be done at all, not during contest dieting.

We did some rear shots yesterday after banding out Back and Triceps

Today is legs and you know how I feel about them... I can't get to the gym any faster, I can tell you that.
All the basic staple moves will be there, Squats, Stiffs, Hacks today, Lunges, Extensions, Curls and Donkeys.

See you on the other side!