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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I got two words... Sumo Deadlifts

I think I found the movement my lower body is missing. These hit your hamstrings like no other (for me) in fact, they hit the whole leg. We normally dead-lift on Wednesday that gives enough time before and after legs on Saturdays. I think we are going to swap regular dead-lifts with sumo's for a while and then eventually rotate between the two. You should have seen the 3 of us looking at u-tube last Wednesday before we started training, so we could see how they are done, it was pretty funny, but we nailed them and I can't wait for tomorrow to do them again.

Most of  you have heard of my 25 cent "tip of the day" this all came about having numerous people approach me with a question on how to train something or what to eat.. you know, bodybuilding stuff. Well after a while I started holding out my hand and saying "25 cents please" after I answer them, which got some kicks going.. especially if  I met the person for the first time, they didn't know if I was serous or not. So I decide to start writing some tips down, well I have over 120 of them now and I'm sure I can think of more. I was thinking if and when I get to 365 of them , I would make an Always A Bodybuilder calender with the tip and a picture of something/someone, who knows... Okay the reason why I brought this up is because I planning on running through the all of them, all over again, one for each day (this only applies to Facebook fans) and hopefully this will give me ideas for more

Last night the Hawk aka Alex and I trained Chest and Biceps, the Animal had to deal with a little extra water hanging around in his basement after Irene came for a visit, he's making up his workout tonight and he will  be back for Sumo Dead-lifts and Shoulder/Traps tomorrow

After last night workout I grabbed some updated pictures of Alex... he is starting to change nicely and he's going to keep everything the same as last week for this week, he is weighing in around 209 and he is in the 9th week out.