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Monday, August 15, 2011

Here comes the Hawk (updated)

As mentioned in my last post, the main focus next is helping my friend/ training partner to prepare for his first bodybuilding competition, the New England's. Being held at the little John Hancock hall on Berkeley street in Boston, Oct 29th.

Alex aka Hawk started dieting last Monday and his wake up weight was 220.4 and today after one week of dieting he is right where I thought he would be 217. 

The first two weeks dictate what the following 2 week will be.. The first week, you no longer have sugars, your sodium has been lowered and your carbs are now being controlled, rather then just filling yourself up on them. So what happens in most case is you lose weight. Now the second week tells us if he's needs to lower his calories, by way of lowering his carbs, not his protein and he's taking in no fats so carbs are all there is. Right now he's running 50/50 every 2.5 hours. 

Yesterday the three of us, Hawk, Animal and I trained legs in Natick. They have this squat rack that is in the corner with mirrors that allow you to see your hamstrings drop when your squatting and MAN does this add to your intensity!

We started with those, crawling our way up to 4 plates a side (first time being there is 20 years) I was able to grab 3 full squats with a slight pause at the bottom. Then we did leg presses, started with 3 plates a side, then increased by 3 a side, ending with 12 a side for 4 sets...  talk about a pump happening right now! Then it was one legged lunges with a dumbbell and the resting foot on a bench behind you, (the name of them slips me right now), then stiff legged dead lifts (a staple), leg extension, legs curls and Donkeys.. love Donkeys!

I can't describe how sore my legs feel right now... All I can say is, I WANT MORE!
We are hitting Chest and Biceps today at 11:30... I'm on vacation this week, so I can get some of my workouts in earlier!

Update: Chest and Biceps workout was awesome! Real sick workout, real sick pump!

Here is a picture I took of Alex afterwards, keep in mind his legs are completely washed out from yesterdays workout... as he becomes more ripped, his legs are going to become awesome looking... stay tuned!
One week of dieting and look as his abs!