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Thursday, September 24, 2009

37 days out from competition

6:30am weigh-in 211.4.
Maintaining 2700 calories, protein at 52%, and carbs at 40% and fat at 8%, I’ll keep this going until the end of the week and see where I’m at then.

As you can see, I’m still losing extra water (and fat) while I maintain a high carb diet. I can tell just with 3 days of eating clean, my skin is changing. When shaving my head this morning, I could feel my scalp and all the bones in my head. I could feel the hardness from not having a cushion of water under my skin.

Legs last night, gone today!
Awesome workout, thanks to my training partner for bringing it on!
The damage was done with Smith Machine squats and if you have never tried, please do so, you don’t’ know what you’re missing. Having the ability to really crank out some reps, driving some deep penetration into your thighs, really brings you to that next level. Followed by hack squats, done with your lower back off the pad and dropping your hips (like if you were squatting) into the bucket, having your hams kick in down low as your quads stop you from bottoming out, then squeezing everything back up. This really put all the emphases on the muscles in upper quad area, as well as, your ass and hams… great pump, great workout!

Time for a protein drink