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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Thirteen weeks out

First stop Jay Cutler!

Monday being a holiday, I was able to train early, so I went solo, training chest and triceps:

Incline Smith
Incline flys
Flat flys
Pull Overs
Push downs
Dumbbell french curls
Standing calves

Wednesday, Rolando hooked up with me and we banged out back and traps:

Barbell shrugs
Wide grip pull downs
Wide grip machine free weight bent overs
Dumbbell rows
Close grip pull downs
Reverse grip wrist curls
Wrist curls

Friday it was Jon, Donnie and I doing shoulders and biceps. We trained biceps first.  Sometimes I like having blood filled biceps when I shoulder press. I like that cushion to rest on coming down:

Crooked bar curls, switching between close and wide grip with each set. Same for preacher curls.
Crooked bar reverse grip curls. Then a couple of bent over one arm Arnold's, while we waited for a bench to free up.

Seated dumbbell press
Upright rows
Dumbbell sides
Machine Rears

Saturday, legs day, with Alex and Jon!

Vertical leg press
Leg press
One leg hacks
Dumbbell stiff legs
Lying down leg curls
Standing leg curls

This is the first of a weekly video called GoProOrGoHome - Road to the 2014 Master Nationals - Chest Mount Series. Each week I'll recap my workouts and add a video of one of them with my GoPro strapped to my chest. This should make for some interesting footage. Follow me as I become shredded to the bone with each passing week!

You can also follow these videos on YouTube just click here on my name Robert Costarelli and it will take you there and if you are not a FaceBook fan yet, you can do that too

I hope you will enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them!

GoProOrGoHome - Road to the 2014 Master Nationals - Chest Mount Series #1 Legs!