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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Following that vertical leg press

Natick Gold's used to have one and that was one reason I left Arlington Gold's. Then they moved to a bigger and better location in the same area, but they didn't take it with them... boohoo!

Found out Marlboro Gold's has one and for the last few months this is where you will find us on a Saturday morning training legs. It is really nice to be using a vertical legs press again, the movement for me is like no other. I can really get my whole leg involved.

I trained legs solo today, and I'm lucky to say, I don't say that too often. Our schedules are all off this week. But this gave me a chance to try something different, that would not normally work out well with 3 or more people. I trained everything unilaterally!

One thing that inspired me to train unilaterally today was the fact I recently had the opportunity to help Rolando Amorim. Rolando and I met a few years back when I started to train in Natick. 
He has an office right there in Gold's. Rolando works with men and women of all ages, to get them in shape to compete in body competitions, if they want too. He shows them everything from training to posing, how to eat, even how to tan. He takes them right to the show. There is so much support with all of his clients for each other, it is really nice to see.  I can personal say, I have seem some nice talent come out of his work.
Here he is on Facebook, become a fan!

Rolando and I recently hooked up for some workouts. Throwing ideas around, teaching him new 
techniques and above all, having some kick ass workouts. There is always an elevated level of intensity when you are training with someone new for the first time, some nice added fuel for some awesome workouts! 

One of the challenges Rolando is facing right now is that he is recovering from a torn quad. You can imagine how hard it must be to get an even pump in both legs. We trained legs together a couple of weeks back and I suggested we do everything unilaterally. By doing everything unilaterally and mixing it up, starting and stopping with the good leg and ending with both, he was able to achieve, not just a pump, but an even pump in both legs for the first time!

Today's workout!

Vertical leg press (left,right) x4 (these never felt better!)
Leg press (left,right,left,right) x4 (fire was kicking in)
Hack machine (left,right) x4 (video on FB of a guy doing these, had to try, will do again for sure!)
Extensions (left,right,left right) x4 (last 2 sets ended with singles back and forth)
lying curls (left,right) x4
standing curls (left,right) x4
Ass machine (left,right) x4
Stiff legs x4 (not unilateral!)
Donkeys x4 (not unilateral, but should have...)

For me doing everything unilaterally today took all and any hip stress out of all the press movements, especially the vertical leg press, where if my hips are tired, I'll feel it there. It was like my hips were able to breath and not be restricted by one another. 

The pressure was all quads, hams and ass, giving my hips a nice rest!