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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I pick things up, I put them down

Is how I felt today as I walked in the new Natick Gold's gym with my half frozen gallon of Crystel Light flavored water (sorry that's all it is) as people looked at my water, all I wanted to say was that... if fact, i did quote it a bunch of times, just for fun throughout the workout, ask Alex

About this gallon of water, for me it was something I did during dieting season, while preparing for a competition. When all day long you eat boiled chicken and potatoes, the last thing you want to drink is plain water.. trust me..
Now it's a just habit. I like having the frozen gallon of crystal light (fruit punch) with me when I'm training, it really hits the spot!

It was legs day this morning and my favorite most satisfying time of all. After you finish a big leg workout your euphoria is through the roof, along with your testosterone and your growth hormone, it's really such a total body grower. You get that feeling of, I just finishing an intense leg's workout and now the rest of the week is a cake walk

Animal is still a little under the weather, so it's just Hawk and I

We started with leg extensions on this new equipment called the Hoist, each machine acts like a rocker, it puts your whole body in motion.

It's okay, not a big fan of the leg extensions as I thought I was the first time using it last week. I can't get enough of a stretch, but the seated leg curls machine rocks! no pun intended...

After the extension we did squats, climbing our way up to 315, then walking lunges, stiff legs, that seated leg curl machine, Donkey calf raises, ending on a Hoist machine for abs, where you can twist as you pull your knees up to your chest... it was okay, I'll do it again, I guess...

No forearms today, they are still wrecked from the last time with Back (Thursday)... beside we are training Chest and Triceps tomorrow and we can hit them then.

3/Walking Lunges (legs are on fire right now)
5/Stiff legs
5/Seated leg curls